A Fairytale

A Fairytale was born as a short story of eight sentences, which still remains its baseline up until today. It is now a never-ending, ever evolving story about True Love’s journey through time, space and beyond. Inspired by all from metaphysics, fantasy, psychology, folk-lore, symbolism, theoretical physics and more, A Fairytale is a deeply healing story and experience. It can be told in a myriad of ways in all from two minutes to several hours and it can be entertaining, sad, deep or touching and it has never been told in the same way twice. It activates the group mind, facilitates multidimensional and creative exchange as well as individual liberation.

At its core it is a story about how we live to meet and love each other.

A Fairytale is told by Susan Florries, in collaboration with a growing number of artists from all over the world. Various performances are currently growing out of this co-creativity. Expanding A Fairytale through music, dance, Authentic Movement, visual pleasure, art and other wordless forms of communication brings audiences even further into and out of the various frequencies and dimensions of existence.

A Fairytale @ last years Boom Festival with Spirit Dancers Wolf Berg, Victoria Lozar and Daniel Schatzdorfer.
Stills from raw video material, shot by Sam Gillen.

TranceFormAnce with A Fairytale @ last years Tree of Life Festival. Photos by Marija Zoi

A Fairytale @ Transition Base, Aspern Seestadt, Vienna, April 2016. Photos by Ana Leko Nikolic and Martina Höss