SUSAN FLORRIES is a storyteller, dancer, transformational performer and filmmaker who also offers journeys for spiritual and personal development, as well as transformational guidance for organizations, groups and individuals. In this line of work, she prefers to call herself a transformation assistant. She is a natural born psychic, medium and multidimensional seer/traveler.

Born in 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden, she lived in Spain in 1997 and 1999 – 2001, and moved to Vienna, Austria, in 2004. She collaborates with various artists and intentional communities, locally and globally.

In her spiritual journey, she has had the fortune of being guided by several, distinguished elders. She attended personal therapy, a large number of dance workshops as well as seminars and journeys within the field of transcendental and self development. She also learned project management for non-hierarchical organizations, studied sociology, history of science and ideas, film science and attended Stockholm Film School.

She made music videos, short films, image films, documentations, making ofs and various films about art from all eras for a famous auction house in Vienna. She also interviewed distinguished scientists, politicians, diplomats, famous actors, as well as activists in intentional communities and movements. She contributed to the latter as a communicator, project manager, concept developer, space holder, healing circle leader, conflict solver and moderator.

During the last two years she co-organized and participated in various performances, mainly with expressive dance and storytelling. She has a talent for improvising songs, guided meditations and her story A Fairytale

At the core of her work stands a lifelong wish to inspire kindness, compassion, the liberation of the mind, presence and magical moments, as well as to contribute to a deeper understanding of human behavior and spiritual experience.


Telling A Fairytale by a fire, September 2015, still from video material, DOP Sebastian Arlamovsky. With WolfGong and Grandfather Gong at Druidenhain, 1st of May 2016. Photo session at performance practice, April 2016, by Ana Leko Nikolic


I have experienced spiritual and multidimensional aspects of life and reality since before I was born.

Being raised in Sweden by a family in which some occasionally practiced Protestantism, some nurtured open views on other religions, others where anti religious – all very interested in science – I ended up finding my own mix of beliefs. My father taught mindfulness and meditation in his work as a management consultant, so I got an early experience with these practices.

I got baptized by my own will at the age of seven and and was confirmed at the age of 14. Later in life I have had the honor of learning from several distinguished elders, most of them active in the field of shamanism, however, they were all the kind of shamans who has university degrees and diplomas, as well as experience with all from tantra, yoga and acupuncture to European traditional practices (like Celtic customs and magic) and homeopathy. I believe that I was drawn to people who practiced some kind of shamanic path, since I love the shamanic “hands on” work and closeness to nature.

In 2005 my film making career brought me the great honor of getting to make long interviews with and filming several lectures by well known physicists. This work gave me an deep insight into theoretical physics, which is an interest that I have kept alive ever since. Having a best friend who made documentaries on Sadhus in India brought me closer to this faith. Later my film work lead me to make films for several organizations and platforms which gathers beliefs of all faiths of the world, and I would say that my beliefs does the same.

Just like so many people of my age and background my life path has brought me to be inspired by all kinds of faiths and creeds. So is my Fairytale (see link above), a healing story which I improvise since 2003 and love telling to others as well as myself. I feel like I did not choose my way of believing and practicing, it just happened, and I wrote this text to give you an impression on how. I feel that in me, as well as in the world, all faiths can meet – with love, respect and reverence. I simply dance in my own rhythm to it all.