transformational performance

Below some impressions from performances during 2016


Klangfarbentanz in Nürnberg, April 2016, photos and body painting by the goddess painter Peter Engelhardt. A Fairytale @ Transition Base, Aspern Seestadt, Vienna, April 2016, photos by Ana Leko Nikolic and Martina Höss. TranceFormAnce with A Fairytale, June 2016 @ Tree of Life Festival, Kauzen, Austria. Photos by Marija Zoi. Fairy in action at the same festival by ∞ ¿bassadome? ∞
A Fairytale with Spirit Dancers @ performance practise, photo by Ana Leko Nikolic, as well as @ Boom Festival, August 2016, stills from raw video material by Sam Gillen. Dancing @ OneBillionRising Vienna, February, 2016.

On Youtube

1) The final 8 minutes of KlangFarbenTanz @ Samsara, Nürnberg, April 29th 2016 – with Nalini Bettina Kühlman, Taron Martin von Mendel, WolfGong Scheibe, Rainer Rabus, Gabrielle Weigel and art / body painting by Peter Engelhardt.
My wand is made by Ma Prin Creations and my outfit was designed by Noumenia. Film by Mischa Merlinson

2) Dance improvisation: In Constant Motion, Summer 2015. Video and music by shiran With Fabio Schmitt, Nadine Stalpes, Chistopher and me (Susan Florries)

3) Earth Dance Vienna 2015 – Dance Ritual “Tanz des Lebens” and guided peace meditation. With Victoria Lozar, Alexandra, Herta Fisher, Markus Meznik, Georg Reichlin-Meldegg, Adrian Walther