A Dance for Gaia – Teaser

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A step in hope for liberation and regeneration. Movement in rhythm with the flow of life. A ceremony for the being that we call home.

Sparked by an impulse of compassion, an unknown Goddess arrives, takes on the colors of the surroundings and dances for Gaia.

Concept, storytelling and transformational performance by Susan Florries www.florries.net

Body painting, photography, graphic design and compositing by Peter Engelhardt www.diegoettin.com

Necklaces, costume, making-of photos and space holding by Julia von Ungern-Sternberg www.yoga-atelier333.de

Head feather jewelry by Einat Ran www.einatfreedomyoga.com

Wand by Tom Xu – Arts of the Soul – MaPrin Creations www.facebook.com/5dtools