FREE ONLINE EVENT – A Fairy Tale – falling in love version

Feel warmly welcomed to enjoy A Fairy Tale focused on the magical experience that falling in love truly is ❤

WHEN: Tuesday 11th of October 8.30 PM CEST


A Fairy Tale freely tells True Loves adventures from all over existence, beyond time and space, into now and true loving.

This saga started in 2003 as a short story of eight sentences, which still remains its baseline up until today. It can be told in a myriad of ways in all from one minute to several hours and it can be all from entertaining to sad, from deep to whimsical, but it is always touching. It has never been told in the same way twice. It is now a never-ending, ever evolving story about True Love’s journey through time, space and beyond.

At its core it is a story about True Love learning how to love.

Watch A Fairy Tale and read more about it here


Said about A Fairy Tale:

“This story changed my life!”
“Simply wonderful!”
“A true visionary fairy tale with such magic and joy in it. I can hear it over and over again!”


Told by me, Susan Florries. I am a storyteller, filmmaker and Empowerment Coach. At the core of my work stands a lifelong wish to inspire kindness, compassion, the liberation of the mind, presence and magical moments, as well as to contribute to a deeper understanding of human behavior and metaphysical experience. More about me here