Photo by Daniel von Malmborg


Storyteller, filmmaker, Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Explorer

Born 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden, where she now resides. Living three years in Spain and fourteen years in Vienna, Austria, provided fluency in three languages, Swedish, English and German, as well as pretty good Spanish.

Right now she has entered a part time education to become a certified Stress Coach. Earlier studies involved project management for non-hierarchical organizations, sociology, history of science and ideas, film as well as theater science and Stockholm Film School. Between late 2018 – 22 she widened her field with studies in journalism, communication and digital marketing. She continuously learns from her three parents (including stepfather), who has been management and organization consultants, CEOs, mayor of a middle sized town and more.

During a lifelong spiritual journey, Susan has had the fortune of being guided by several, distinguished elders. Attending years of personal therapy, a large number of seminars and journeys within the field of transcendental and self development as well as dance workshops resulted in a deep sense of self. She has been giving private, transformational sessions since 2003 and has two diplomas in Reiki.

Her talent for improvising songs, guided meditations and her own story A Fairy Tale, told around 500 times in just as many variations to audiences of 1 to 1000 people, has been met with deep appreciation. In 2016 – 17 she held several, highly regarded workshops in Vienna and at the Being Gathering in Portugal. Continuing this path from 2019 has now resulted in a new initiative and online portal, live soon…

Susan has also written, directed, appeared/worked in, and/or produced more than 60 films, amongst other things interviewing several distinguished scientists, politicians, diplomats, famous actors, as well as activists in intentional communities and movements. She contributed to the latter as a global guidance officer, project manager, concept developer, space holder, circle leader, conflict solver and moderator (offline and online).

An experience with burnout in 2015 led to two psychotic incidents in 2016 – 17. Susan herself found these to be a catharsis as well as incredible, spiritual journeys, leading to a boost in creativity and a profound understanding of the psyche. The vast part of 2018 was spent offline and in deep rest. In 2021, nine months of work for the organization Hjärnkoll Stockholm, which spreads information on and prevents prejudice around mental illness through the personal story, further deepened the insight into various states of mind. As an ambassador for the organization, Susan now occasionally holds lectures on the subject of psychosis and burnout recovery.

Telling A Fairy Tale by a fire, September 2015, still from video material, DOP Sebastian Arlamovsky. With WolfGong and Grandfather Gong at Druidenhain, 1st of May 2016. Klangfarbentanz in Nürnberg, April 2016, photo and body painting by the goddess painter Peter Engelhardt.