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Spiritual facilitation. Empowerment. Respect, love and compassion. Workshops and sessions focused on realizing our true potential. Storytelling that liberates the mind and heals the soul.

Storyteller, spiritual facilitator, Empowerment Coach | creative expression

My name is Susan Florries, born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 11th of January in 1977. Almost a year later, I sat under the Christmas tree with my recently born cousin, watching how the grown ups in my loving family subconsciously attacked one another energetically. I promised myself to never act like that, and created a protective field around myself and my cousin.

Growing up I did my best to stay true to that promise, often failing terribly, which lead to therapy and much spiritual practice. Creativity, like storytelling, film making, dance, singing and writing poetry also helped.

Now I am a shamana, authenticated by a respected teacher. Additionally I have two diplomas in Reiki, experience with various forms of healing as well as Feng Shui, tantra, tarot, magic, witchcraft (good) and transformative storytelling.

Furthermore I developed a coaching method aimed at empowerment from within and specialized in organizational development.


Workshops, journeys, live storytelling


Private sessions

All from deep spiritual work to gentle healing sessions. Aimed at empowerment and leaving you with the tools and inspiration that you need to continue the journey on your own. Available online and sometimes offline in Stockholm or other places when traveling. I speak Swedish, English, German and pretty good Spanish.


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Studies in sociology and project management and my general know-how provides a basis for a deep understanding for organizational development. Furthermore I have years of experience with as well professional as volunteer work within intentional communities, and insights from my work with with film and performance production. I also continuously learn from my three parents (including stepfather), who has been management and organization consultants, CEOs, mayor of a middle sized town and more.

I offer the following services to groups, organizations and companies:
– resolution of communication issues and conflicts
– finding clarity around your vision and goals, as well as helping all involved to feel and understand them
– facilitating the removal of obstacles in your work flow
– creative management/moderation of workshops on current issues in your development

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“I would highly recommend a session (or several) with Susan. She is a very skilled healer who captures one’s deepest needs with warmth and sharpness. My first hour with Susan was redemptive and transformative. My second hour totally life changing.” /anonymous


Write to me or use the contact form below. Suggest a 2-3 possibilities for our first meeting that works well for you. It usually works out well, I have quite flexible daily rhythm. Concerning further sessions we can make a good plan together.
For info on GDPR and privacy, click here. I’m considering an online booking system, but for now I like to organize my calendar organically.

88 Euro / online session for private persons, via Zoom or WhatsApp, 60 min, incl. VAT. Everyone else, please contact me for an offer.

Payment can be done through bank transfer, PayPay, Swish or credit card (via Stripe). Please tell me if you want an invoice/receipt. From time to time I have some sessions open to a reduced price/free of charge for people with low or no income. I speak Swedish, English, German and pretty good Spanish.

Please note: I do not treat children or teenagers under 18. Working with me cannot replace medical counseling/treatment. I am not a certified therapist. I reserve the right to refuse to work with someone if I deem that it’s not suitable. Sometimes I will only work with someone if they have additional, professional support.

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    All I know is that I know nothing, but True Love is the strongest power that I know.

    Susan Florries