You are unique, and so am I. Every exchange that we have is unique as well, so when we get together, we will find our own dynamic and see why you and I found one another. With all that said, here are examples of sessions that I have done with others:


  • Simply talking
    We have a conversation. Together we see, feel and discover what wants to unfold. Any of the examples below can become a part our exchange. Or something completely different. Our True Selves will know and show us the way.


  • Simply being
    Sometimes it is all you need. Someone who is there, completely present with you. Someone who feels you and listens – to your entire Being.


  • A private Fairytale
    A Fairytale is a never-ending, ever evolving story about True Love’s journey through time, space and beyond. Inspired by metaphysics, fantasy, psychology, folk-lore, symbolism, theoretical physics and more, A Fairytale is a deeply healing story and experience. It speaks to your entire being. It can help you connect with, experience and understand different aspects of yourself and the world, or simply bring you to relax and arrive here and now.


  • A guided Butterfly Journey
    A playful and efficient way to manifest your heart’s true wishes, without necessarily knowing what you want from the start. Whether you have a clear wish or a vague idea, this method helps you understand your wish and yourself better. It also helps you transform the blockages, fears, traumas and beliefs which have kept you from living your true dreams and the wishes of your heart.
  • Guided meditations, multidimensional experiences, shamanic healing journeys
    Experience other dimensions, connect with guides, heal inner traumas with you whole Being and more…


  • Archetype coaching
    Together, we find out what stories are holding you back and what archetypes can help you to re-write them


  • Mind control release
    Mind control is a tricky business and there is plenty of it in our existence. I have had much experience with handling mind control, in myself, our collective consciousness and in others. If you feel that this is an issue for you, we get together and I see what I can do.


  • Mirror of your soul and spirit
    Let your soul and spirit speak to you through me, in images, stories, feelings, impressions…


  • Contact with your ancestors, spiritual guides, power animals and other helpful beings
    Discover who is there and what they have to offer


  • Field clearings and freeing yourself from projections of others
    Clear yourself and your surroundings from disturbances. Feel who you are when you are simply You. Learn simple methods to do it yourself.


  • Distance healing, Reiki and more


For organizations and groups:

A multidimensional point of view can be very helpful to any group or organization. Seeing what is hidden beneath the surface, discovering what is holding you back or what can help you move forward are just some of the possible benefits. I have learned and developed several methods through which we can turn these insights and intuitions into practical implementations. Furthermore I have helped many groups with dynamic moderation, healing circles, conflict resolution and more.



The price of a session varies between 60 – 300 Euros depending on length, content, how many sessions we do in total and how much preparation I need for our work. I am open to alternative exchange agreements. Please contact me and we will find our balance:

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