Organizational development


Empowerment and liberation within
healthy structures

Studies in sociology and project management and my general know-how provides a basis for a deep understanding for organizational development. Furthermore I have years of experience with as well professional as volunteer work within intentional communities, and insights from my work with with film and performance production. I also continuously learn from my three parents (including stepfather), who has been management and organization consultants, CEOs, mayor of a middle sized town and more.

I offer the following services to agencies, organizations and companies:
– resolution of communication issues and conflicts
– finding clarity around your vision and goals, as well as helping all involved to feel and understand them
– facilitating the removal of obstacles in your work flow
– creative management/moderation of workshops on relevant issues


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Susan is the most present, lucid, kind seer I have met. She is able to listen with no pretense or agenda, and sense into the multidimensional reality of existence. She’s had this gift from birth and in my experience she’s probably been doing this for lifetimes. Her dedication in her work as an organizational shamanic healer for the transformation of Evolver Network into Bloom Network has been inspiring, strong and profound. She stuck with one process for six months, knowing it needed to happen, and patiently guiding it to fruition.

I rarely meet people whose compass is set to the level of service to holistic realization that Susan’s is. She’s a powerful healer or guide, capable of holding a planetary awareness at the same time as a deep personal and interpersonal awareness. Her ability to move between the different layers and interactions in the matrix of energetic expression is invaluable. I highly recommend working with her in your personal process or inviting her to assist with organizational cultural development. Much gratitude for the beauty and love she brings, the kind that comes with True wisdom.
Magenta, Executive Director, Bloom Network; artist, healer, and systems designer