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In just 6 days, discover how to shield and nurture your energy, heal with the flow of love in all that is and manifest from the heart. Don’t miss out—download this 19 page, FREE ebook now and start your transformation!

The Flower Meditation

Recorded with instructions


Performing The Flower Meditation is a way of letting the awesome power of love in existence and what is good and loving in the universe, to protect, heal and liberate us.

It opens up possibilities for healing for all beings and events connected with blockages, bad energy or disturbing emotions within or somehow connected with the one meditating. All of this through the use of a simple and beautiful method.

A Fairy Tale

Recorded performances, short film


A Fairy Tale freely tells True Loves adventures from all over existence, beyond time and space, into now and true loving. It has never been told in the same way twice.

This saga started in 2003 as a short story of eight sentences, which still remains its baseline up until today. It can be told in a myriad of ways in all from one minute to several hours and it can be all from entertaining to sad, from deep to whimsical, but it is always touching.


Hi, welcome! My name is Susan Florries. I’m a storyteller, spiritual facilitator, authenticated shamana and Empowerment Coach. I’ve held workshops on life development and spirituality since 2016 and given private, transformational sessions since 2003. I’m also a film maker, performer, poet and passionate dancer.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden on the 11th of January in 1977. I have been what is called spiritual since then. I can for example see and/or communicate with beings from other dimensions, as well loving and helpful as evil or destructive. Very early in life I also observed how even loving, amazing people around me abused and sometimes attacked one another energetically. I remember strongly how I as a young child promised never to act like that. I did my best to stay true to that promise, sometimes failing, which lead to therapy and much spiritual practice. Creativity, like storytelling, film making, dance, singing and writing poetry also helped.

Now, after 25 years of hard work and education, I am a shamana, authenticated by a respected teacher. I do not work with medicinal plants – I have other ways of sharing changes of consciousness.

I also have two diplomas in Reiki, knowledge of various forms of healing, Feng Shui, tantra, tarot, magic, witchcraft (good) and I love sharing wisdom and inspiration through transformative storytelling. Furthermore I have developed several of my own methods and I also specialized in organizational development.

In the year 2000, I graduated from Stockholm Film School. My university studies were focused on sociology, but also included film and theatre science, as well as the history of science and ideas.

So glad that you are here to discover more about my work, see below! Under Bio you can read more details about my educations and work experiences. Under Creativity you’ll find some of my art.

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To book private sessions, please write to me or use the booking calendar at

Single session: 88 Euro / 880 kr

New client – first two sessions: 100 Euro / 1000 kr

Three sessions: 200 Euro / 2000 kr
Five sessions: 320 Euro / 3200 kr

If you contact me via mail, please suggest a 2-3 possibilities that works well for you. For info on GDPR and privacy, click here.

We meet via Zoom or WhatsApp, 45 min. The price is incl. 25% VAT. Payment can be done with invoice as well as credit card and via bank transfer, PayPal or Swish.

I reguarly offer discounted sessions to people in challenging economical situations, please contact me about availability.


Workshops, storytelling, ceremony, Masterclasses

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Studies in sociology and project management and my general know-how provides a basis for a deep understanding for organizational development. Furthermore I have years of experience with as well professional as volunteer work within intentional communities, and insights from my work with with film and performance production. I also continuously learn from my three parents (including stepfather), who has been management and organization consultants, CEOs, mayor of a middle sized town and more.

I offer the following services to groups, organizations and companies:
– resolution of communication issues and conflicts
– finding clarity around your vision and goals, as well as helping all involved to feel and understand them
– facilitating the removal of obstacles in your work flow
– creative management/moderation of workshops on current issues in your development


I love standing on a stage and tell A Fairy Tale through improvised storytelling, doing a performance or sharing poetry. Furthermore I am an experienced film maker, and making collages and dancing almost daily, as well as singing and improvising songs, is very important to me.

About a year ago I also started making collages out of words from newspapers, which turn into a sentence. I don’t follow a plan, I make them very quick and then I paint, which I’m terrible at… I even got myself an Insta account for them, I have like 11 followers, but that is not the point.

On the contrary from my other forms of expression, film making, singing, dancing, performance, storytelling and writing poetry, these collages are something I do without any type of feeling of having to create something with high quality. In the other fields, I have experience and kinda feel some pressure that it has to be good. With the collages, I don’t feel this at all. I just make them.
Since I started making them, I really notice that my mood is even better than before (I’m generally a pretty happy person, but this is deeper), and I experience a greater flow in life, as well as in other creative endeavors. So grateful!

And I learned to value the process of simply doing, creating, being in the moment so much more than before. My subconscious is also communicating with me on a whole new level. Great life lesson!
To the left: “All of society must get some loving again”



I would highly recommend a session (or several) with Susan. She is a very skilled healer who captures one’s deepest needs with warmth and sharpness. My first hour with Susan was redemptive and transformative. My second hour totally life changing. / anonymous

Susan is the most present, lucid, kind seer I have met. She is able to listen with no pretense or agenda, and sense into the multidimensional reality of existence.

I rarely meet people whose compass is set to the level of service to holistic realization that Susan’s is. She’s a powerful healer or guide, capable of holding a planetary awareness at the same time as a deep personal and interpersonal awareness. Her ability to move between the different layers and interactions in the matrix of energetic expression is invaluable.

I highly recommend working with her in your personal process or inviting her to assist with organizational cultural development.
/ Magenta, Executive Director, Bloom Network; artist, healer, and systems designer


Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are very important to me. No matter if it is traveling or buying products, I always keep the environment in mind.

It’s been 3 years since I flew a plane. I might fly again, but in that case I always pay the extra fee for carbon offset, as well as make an extra investment of my own in that regard.

Furthermore I offer sessions to a discounted price to people with economical difficulties. I also work with the global field of mankind and Earth as well as all of its creatures in my spare time. To support this work and my capability of offering assistance to those in need, please contact me.

All I know is that I know nothing, but True Love is the strongest power that I know.

Susan Florries