The ritual, performance and body painting art project A Dance for Gaia is an online performance, for more follow me @

The series portrays an unknown Goddess. Sparked by an impulse of compassion, she lands on Earth, takes on the colors of the environment and dances for Gaia. The emotions that she experiences through her deep empathy with our home planet are varied and deep.
A step in hope for liberation and regeneration
Movement in rhythm with the flow of life
A ceremony for the being that we call home

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.
The spirit of the project A Dance for Gaia revolves around love for nature, a desire to be fully present as well as a deeply felt wish to remind us to be there for the planet that we call home.
Concept and performance: Susan Florries
Bodypaint and photography: Peter Engelhardt,

 On YouTube

1) Mega Dis, taken from the ‘Mega Dis’ EP 2013 by Bomb The Bass. Video Produced and directed by Eni Brandner. Additional visuals by Paul Conboy p&c 2013 O*Solo Recordings.

2) Dance improvisation: In Constant Motion, Summer 2015. Video and music by shiran. With Fabio Schmitt, Nadine Stalpes, Chistopher and me.

3) The final 8 minutes of KlangFarbenTanz @ Samsara, Nürnberg, April 29th 2016 – with Nalini Bettina Kühlman, Taron Martin von Mendel, WolfGong Scheibe, Rainer Rabus, Gabrielle Weigel and art / body painting by Peter Engelhardt. My outfit was designed by Noumenia. Film by Mischa Merlinson

4) Tochter der Wildnis by Morgaine, music clip. I am one of several “Goddess” performers in this video.

5) Earth Dance Vienna 2015 – Dance Ritual “Tanz des Lebens” and guided peace meditation by me. With Victoria Lozar, Alexandra, Herta Fisher, Markus Meznik, Georg Reichlin-Meldegg, Adrian Walther

Klangfarbentanz in Nürnberg, April 2016, photos and body painting by the goddess painter Peter Engelhardt. TranceFormAnce with A Fairy Tale, June 2016 @ Tree of Life Gathering, Kauzen, Austria. Photos by Marija Zoi. A Fairy Tale @ Transition Base, Aspern Seestadt, Vienna, April 2016, photos by Ana Leko Nikolic and Martina Höss. Fairy in action at the same festival by ∞ ¿bassadome? ∞. A Fairy Tale with Spirit Dancers @ performance practice, photo by Ana Leko Nikolic, as well as from the performance @ Boom Festival, August 2016, stills from video material by Sam Gillen. Dancing @ OneBillionRising Vienna, February, 2016.