Spiritual Facilitation


Work with me

Private sessions

For private citizens as well as professionals

The focus lies on efficient supporting your inner work for spiritual awakening, as well as general well-being and elevated quality of life. Empowerment from within is a keyword for me. For references, click here.

For groups

Courses, workshops, journeys and Masterclasses

As a performer and storyteller, I love standing in front of a group and capturing their attention. As a shamana and Spiritual Facilitator, this practice in attention grabbing works as an amazing tool to take whole groups into the beyond, as well as the now.

Organizational Development

For companies, associations and agencies

Studies in sociology and project management and my general know-how provides a basis for a deep understanding for organizational development. Furthermore I have years of experience with as well professional as volunteer work within intentional communities, and insights from my work with with film and performance production.