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Experience some of what to expect from the Shift into Power online course
May 2024 – more info coming soon

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Conversation around the FREE Badass Spiritual Love Warrior e-book
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Become a spiritual facilitator

Are you thinking of becoming a spiritual facilitator?
Do you want to develop your psychic and healing abilities? And expand your know-how of shamanism, magic, tarot, manifestation, mindfulness, meditation and more… Join the online Shift into Power course. Participation possible for 1, 4 or 8 months + breaks.


Thrive together


Enjoy Breathwork from a shamanic point of view. Learn how to connect with your body, soul, spirit, Earth and Sky, Existence, compassion and love through simple breathing. Experience relief of pain and suffering and a deeper sense of self.

NEXT EVENT – ONLINE 23rd of Mars – click here for FB event


Learn how to use magic in your every day life. Small and big wishes can come true with just a bit of faith and some methods on how to formulate and handle them.

NEXT EVENT IN APRIL 2024 – more info coming soon


Insight, knowledge, experience

Darkness Divine – creating and living through the power of grace

Close your eyes and open up to a source of massive power that lies at the very core of you… Come with me on a journey through awareness and beyond. Experience how Darkness can be Divine, intense, gentle and deeply nurturing. Travel with me from this space of grace and discover an expansion of your capacity to shine your Light, using the power of Loving.

Through four sessions, we travel from dance to meditation, from science to stories, from ancient wisdom to contemporary spiritual ideas. One part of a session can be playful, another deep and serene.

During the journey, I combine the know-how that I have gathered and some of my own methods with practices that I have learned.

Dancing with fairies, conversing with dragons

A playful but deep journey into your consciousness through dance, guided meditation and well founded, spiritual practice, allowing you to connect with your guides, nature spirits, dragons, angels and other loving beings. Also deceased loved ones. All taking place in a safe space, including protection against bad influences.

You will also learn methods on how to distinguish bad entities from good ones, and all the varieties in between. Even angels are sometimes not perfect!

The goal of this workshop is to open and/or strengthen your psychic powers in a safe manner with long lasting effects. You will also learn how to turn your psychic ability “off and on”. The journey consists of three workshops and one final meeting after about a month.