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In just 6 days, discover how to shield and nurture your energy, heal with the flow of love in all that is and manifest from the heart. Don’t miss out—download this 19 page, FREE ebook now and start your transformation!

The Flower Meditation

Recorded with instructions


Performing The Flower Meditation is a way of letting the awesome power of love in existence and what is good and loving in the universe, to protect, heal and liberate us.

It opens up possibilities for healing for all beings and events connected with blockages, bad energy or disturbing emotions within or somehow connected with the one meditating. All of this through the use of a simple and beautiful method.

A Fairy Tale

Recorded performances, short film


A Fairy Tale freely tells True Loves adventures from all over existence, beyond time and space, into now and true loving. It has never been told in the same way twice.

This saga started in 2003 as a short story of eight sentences, which still remains its baseline up until today. It can be told in a myriad of ways in all from one minute to several hours and it can be all from entertaining to sad, from deep to whimsical, but it is always touching.