16th, 17th and 18th of June at 19.00 – 20.30 CEST – click here to register

This FREE Crash Course gives you a rare insight into shamanism and it’s core concepts. On top of that, it will provide you with tools and methods to liberate yourself from the past, create magical moments and flow in your everyday life as well as protect and heal yourself and others.

Three evenings contain:

  • An introduction to shamanism
  • Cleansing methods
  • Basic methods from Shamanic Breathwork
  • A useful, simple, beautiful practice giving you as well as others grounding, protection and healing all at once
  • Several ways to cut ties with people and things who/which do not serve you any longer
  • Several ways to keep all of the above flowing in a stressful, everyday life

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This free crash course is a warm up to SHIFT INTO POWER – an ONLINE COURSE for spiritual facilitators 2024-2025. It will start in Autumn 2024 and continue well into 2025. Participants can join the course during 1, 4 or 8 months, plus breaks. In the latter two alternatives, private sessions and exchange with other attendees is included. The course language is English, with the possibility to ask questions in Swedish, German and Spanish.

We will take a deep dive into all from shamanism, Shamanic Breathwork and communication with beings from the beyond, to meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, magic, healing and tarot as well as oracle cards.

The whole journey is about you to stepping into your power. The knowledge shared is based on years of practice and deep know-how, but still to be seen as inspiration. All interactions and the sacred space of the course is held with true love and pure intent.

A full time job or studies is possible on the side, but the course requires dedication. The 1 month option is available to 15-20 attendees, the 4 months to 10-12 and the 8 months to 5-7.

If you are interested in the 4 or 8 month options, you can book a FREE meet and greet video call with me, Susan, the course facilitator (more info about me below). Click on the link to the homepage to find booking options: https://shiftintopower.com/

Susan Florries
Spiritual Facilitator, shamana, Empowerment Coach, storyteller

Daniel Schatzdorfer
Dance Master, Kung Fu practitioner, workshop and men circle facilitator, artist and musician

Mona Al Gaia
Multidimensional vocal medium, healer with voice, mentor for vocal mediumship and vocal awareness for self-determination

Lorraine Voss
Medicine woman, author and spiritual warrior