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I realized that I have 25 years of experience with spiritual and personal development. Actually a lifetime. For example I remember often seeing my diseased grandfather standing next to my bed when I was a small child, feeling so safe by his presence. I also used to relax deeply before sleeping and experience that I floated into a starry sky, merging with the universe. And I would meditate by staring at a fixed point of light as far back as I can remember, completely letting go of thought. I had no idea that this was considered a difficult meditation until I was 23.

It has been 25 years since I read the Tao and started to follow it’s teachings together with a group of friends while I lived in Bilbao. 1,5 year later I read a Journey into consciousness by Charles Breaux and started working with tantra meditations regularly (not primarily the sexual kind, tantra is larger than that). 1,5 years after that I met my first spiritual teacher in Mallorca. Now I’m becoming one myself, although I call myself an Explorer. One is never done with this path.

It’s time to share and give. It has taken courage to do so and I’m proud of myself. Follow me @ and if you have experience with my work, please write a review!

So much love and gratitude to you all!