Community and healing work

“Susan is the most present, lucid, kind seer I have met. She is able to listen with no pretense or agenda, and sense into the multidimensional reality of existence. She’s had this gift from birth and in my experience she’s probably been doing this for lifetimes. Her dedication in her work as an organizational shamanic healer for the transformation of Evolver Network into Bloom Network has been inspiring, strong and profound. She stuck with one process for six months, knowing it needed to happen, and patiently guiding it to fruition.

I rarely meet people whose compass is set to the level of service to holistic realization that Susan’s is. She’s a powerful healer or guide, capable of holding a planetary awareness at the same time as a deep personal and interpersonal awareness. Her ability to move between the different layers and interactions in the matrix of energetic expression is invaluable. I highly recommend working with her in your personal process or inviting her to assist with organizational cultural development. Much gratitude for the beauty and love she brings, the kind that comes with True wisdom.”
Magenta, Executive Director, Bloom Network; artist, healer, and systems designer


On the workshop Darkness Divine – creating and living through the power of grace

“My name is Andrew, I’m male, 30 years old and currently employed as an event manager. I had already made experience with “meditation”, “shamanism” and altered states of consciousness. Out of curiosity for a new experience I wanted to attend the workshop Darkness Divine, from Susan Florries.

Many people around me think that I am a very “top heavy” person and I myself see the aspect of the skeptic very strong in me. I’m more of a science interested guy but open for new experiences. From the beginning, I could feel how much Susan tried to organize the schedule so that everyone was on the same page progress wise. She partly created individual schedules to keep a balance in the progress of the workshop. The professionalism and reliability has impressed me from the beginning.

The course includes various elements predominantly from the fields: Meditation – relaxation – self-knowledge – storytelling – science – music and sexuality. Susan manages with ease a lot of love and affection for the subjects and people to build a bridge between all these topics and trigger a powerful transformation in the self.

For me personally the experience was very transcendental. From the first to the last hour Susan has created a magical atmosphere and created a wonderful space for each of the participants in which I have made great strides in my personal development and I received a big piece of creativity, motivation and joy for life in general. A very great experience and I am eternally grateful for attending this workshop. One of the best investments in myself for a long time. I can recommend this workshop with a clear conscience to everyone and I am very critical with recommendations of this kind.
– Andrew Osagie, event manager

My dear friend Susan Florries created this powerful opportunity to reconnect with Source in all its aspects – envision your highest potential – transforming all that doesn’t serve you any longer – I highly recommend participation – Susan is such a joyful wise companion!
– Eva Novak
, singer/songwriter

I can highly recommend the Darkness Divine journey, as it has moved a lot for me, taught me what the power of the “yin” really is, how to act out of this yin, this serenity and how nourishing and supporting “darkness” can be. I am deeply grateful for this experience – take the opportunity to be part of her workshop as well!!
Victoria Lozar, performer and dance teacher


This workshop allowed me to confront my deepest fears in the guided loving presence of a deep & caring soul Susan & a wonderfully supporting group…
I was so lucky to have participated last time !
Thank you Susan!!
– Carla Berinda, yoga and dance teacher, Ayurveda instructor