Darkness Divine Loving Light

Yin Yang by Jim Thompson

Close your eyes and open up to a source of massive power that lies at the very core of you… Come with me on a journey through awareness and beyond. Experience how Darkness can be Divine, intense, gentle and deeply nurturing. Travel with me from this space of grace and discover an expansion of your capacity to shine your Light, using the power of Loving.

Through four sessions, we travel from dance to meditation, from science to stories, from ancient wisdom to contemporary spiritual ideas. One session can be playful, another deep and serene.

During the journey, I combine the know-how that I have gathered during my many years of assisting others in the process of spiritual transformation with methods that I have learned from various elders and teachers. I also bring in my passion for dance, as I find dancing one of the best ways to connect to your true self and your divine power.

Furthermore I offer three of my own methods (see below) to inspire and assist you on your path, each the fruit of years of research, experience and self development.

Simulated view of a black hole in front of the Magellian Cloud – Wikipedia

Experience compassion, creativity, grace, roots, dynamic thinking, freedom, boost of sexual power, abun-Dance, liberation of the mind, deeper connection with yourself, connection with the various instances of your consciousness and possibly transformation of your life.

Learn about dark matter, black holes and more from the view of contemporary science. Travel through the universe with Light, following it on it’s speedy journey to everywhere, in all colors imaginable and beyond…

In a loving and safe space, fears of darkness are allowed to arrive, be acknowledged as well as transformed, if the time is right. Then we dive further, into graceful, compassionate Darkness Divine. Strengthened by this experience, we dance into our Loving Light and breathe back and forth between Darkness and Light – expanding ourselves, growing, evolving, manifesting…

Sharon Pittaway – unsplash.com


Protect and heal yourself from all from projections to your own traumas through surrender. Plant multidimensional flowers and let the awesome power of grace, True Love, True Loving and the Divine do the work for you. Open pathways for healing for everything connected with your pain, blockages and traumas to heal with you. Surrender into healing and being healed through a beautiful and simple method.

Aarn Giri – unsplash.com


Manifest your hearts true wishes, without necessarily knowing what you want from the start. Whether you have a clear wish or a vague idea, this method helps you understand your wish and yourself better. It also helps you transform the blockages, fears, traumas and beliefs which have kept you from living your true dreams and the wishes of your heart. All in a playful but efficient manner.

Furthermore, this method is a good way to practice multidimensional journeying and accessing your fantasy, as well as using your imagination. All of this as you follow the evolution of a beautiful butterfly, enchanting the inner child and providing a focus point for cooperation between the various levels of your multidimensional self.

Chin Le Duc – unsplash.com


In this practice, we truly unite what we have learned about Darkness Divine with our Loving Light. Most people experience something similar to full body orgasms when they do this journey – the kind of “energy based” orgasms which are known to those who have practiced surrendering into the flow of sexual and creative energy. The Root Fire Orgasm Ride expands this experience, guiding you into a profound connection with yourself, inspiring you to reach out in True Loving as your multidimensional self meet in your heart…

Experience ecstasy and healing of cells, DNA, consciousness, the heart, You…


During 2016 -17 several Darkness Divine Loving Light workshops took place in Vienna and as well as at the Being Gathering in Portugal. For references, click here and scroll down. In 2018 I took a year offline for personal development and inner peace. Since 2019 I do some private journeys and in 2021 I held a Darkness Divine session at the Gathering of the Tribe in Sweden. If you have any questions or are interested in a personal experience, click here to contact me.