Close your eyes and open up to a source of massive power that lies at the very core of you… Come on a journey through awareness and beyond. Experience how Darkness can be Divine, intense, gentle and deeply nurturing. Travel from this space of grace and discover an expansion of your capacity to shine your Light, with the power of Loving.

A spiritual workshop journey

We travel from dance to meditation, from science to stories, from ancient wisdom to contemporary spiritual ideas. One part of a session can be playful, another deep and serene. During the journey, I combine the know-how that I have gathered and some of my own methods.

– liberation from fear of darkness
– what is Darkness Divine
– meditations
– drum journey
– transformational experiences
– fun but efficient exercises
– serious and efficient exercises
– soul connection
– liberation of the mind
– dance
– music
– sharing
– science and knowledge
– humor
– serenity
– transformational storytelling

– one simple but efficient method of healing yourself and others without much effort
– one powerful method of manifestation which sparks your fantasy and strengthens access to dreamworld
– one deep, “alchemic” experience connecting you with the fire of Earth, your roots, heart, soul and spirit

Basic information

Four Thursdays: 4th, 11th, 18th of May and 1st of June
Time: 19.00 – 21.30 CEST
Space: Zoom
Cost: 125 Euro incl. VAT

EARLY BIRD: 105 Euro incl. VAT until 25th of April

Nr of participants: max 12

Registration: send an email to or use the contact form here

Recordings: The best way to experience this journey is to be present during the sessions. However, they will be recorded and shared with the group for a limited amount of time after each session. After that I will delete the recordings to let our energy be free.

REFERENCES from earlier participants


Experience compassion, expanded creativity, grace, grounding, dynamic thinking, freedom, a boost of sexual energy, liberation of the mind, a deeper connection with yourself and possibly a transformation of your life.

Connect with and/or strengthen your connection to the feminine (traditionally speaking) aspects of the divine, existence and yourself.

Learn about dark matter, black holes and more from the view of contemporary science. Then travel through the universe with light, following it on it’s speedy journey, in all colors imaginable and beyond…

All of this in a loving and safe space.

About me

I call myself a spiritual facilitator. Authenticated by a respected teacher as a shamana. Additionally I have two diplomas in Reiki, experience with various forms of healing as well as Feng Shui, tantra, tarot, magic, witchcraft (good) and transformative storytelling.

Furthermore I developed a coaching method aimed at empowerment from within and specialized in organizational development. Have experience with creating entertaining online interactions in an atmosphere of presence and connection.

Read an extensive bio here